• What is the Oneness Blessing?

    • The "Oneness Blessing" is a transfer of energy thats sole purpose is to allow the receiver to experience oneness.All workshops at "OUR LIGHT HOUSE" gives the participants the opportunity to receive the transfer of energy known as The Oneness Blessing.

    What are the effects of the Oneness Blessing?

    • The Oneness Blessing has some of the following effects immediately/overtime:
      - Imparts a higher state of consciousness on anyone who receives it.
      - Imparts deep silence and peace.
      - Cleanses/heals/aligns energy centers.
      - Removes negative energy, and patterns.
      - Imparts tremendous energy into the person.
      - Provides relaxation.
      - Cleanses physical, psychological and spiritual obstacles.
      - Heals traumas from past and present.
      - Can heal people from physical disease
      - Awakens psychic abilities

    What is the purpose of the Oneness Blessing?

    • The purpose of the Oneness Blessing is to help people move into a higher state of consciousness. The ultimate goal being that the individual should experience oneness with god/universe all of the time. However, if one has an intention for something in their life that is desired or needed the Oneness Blessing will take on that intention as well.The Oneness Blessing is secular, and its purpose is to transform man kind into a higher state of consciousness.

      People of all cultures, religions and countries are welcome to try this energy transmission. People are encouraged to connect with the divine in the aspect of their choice while receiving the transmission(christ, buddha, allah, yahweh, universal consciousness or just light). It doesnt matter what one chooses to believe in.The Oneness Blessing does not descriminate. People have reported being more connected to their own religion or the divine both during and after the blessing. in fact some people feel the presence and/or see and hear the divine speak to them from there heart. Many devout Christians have seen the face of Jesus and felt his presence in their heart during the blessing, while other have reported seeing paul the apostle. There are many like experiences, however this is not the purpose of the blessing. The main purpose of the oneness blessing is to move people into a higher state of consciousness and give people the ability to pass this on to others.

    Who can benefit from the Oneness Blessing?

    • Everyone! Everyone needs to heal their hearts of past hurts. Everyone can use a calmer life! Everyone can use more love and divine presence in their heart! One can never have enough of these things. Everyone can benefit from a higher state of consciousness. This is for you, your children (especially teenagers/young adults), your parents etc.This is for everyone to become more peaceful and tranquil human beings. people all over the world from every religion, culture and country are experiencing changes in their life from the oneness blessing.

    Who becomes a Oneness Blessing Giver?

    • People who want to experience the permanent change in consciousness known as oneness and people who are dedicated to helping others become Oneness Blessing Givers. The process is for people who are serious about their spiritual growth and and/or helping people (although no one is required to help others).If this describes you, we invite you to attend one of our awakening courses. This retreat cleanses the individual of hurts, blocks and obstacles and leaves the individual in a higher state of consciousness fully capable of helping others if they so desire. The combination of the Oneness Blessing and the Ancient Healing techniques of healing and cleanses leaves one in a higher state of consciousness thereby experiencing a permanent transformation from the Oneness Blessing. during this process, participants are initiated and given the ability to bestow the Oneness Blessing on others.

    The Oneness Blessing is NOT....but is....

    • The Oneness Blessing is NOT Reiki or energy healing of any kind. Energy healing is a side affect of the ture purpose of the Oneness Blessing. The Oneness Blessing is Grace. it is not the energy of the person who is giving it. The Oneness Blessing givers are merely an instrument for divine grace. The energy is not from the blessing giver, but from the universe/divine. The Oneness Blessing Givers are directly connected to the divine and are dedicated to helping others do the same. Grace come only from the divine and cannot be conjoured up or made up. Grace is real and can be felt by anyone anywhere open to recieve it.